unity手机游戏应用程序调试控制台Lunar Mobile Console - PRO 1.5.5

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unity手机游戏应用程序调试控制台Lunar Mobile Console - PRO 1.5.5 

High-performance Unity iOS/Android console built with native platform UI.          

Platform Support: iOS: iOS 9 or later. Android: API level 14 or later

Key Benefits  Native C/Objective-C/Java code with a low memory footprint. Works well with a huge log amount (up to 65536 entries). Built with a native platform UI (does NOT rely on Unity GUI). Resolution independent (looks great on highres/retina displays). Does NOT modify scenes or add assets. Removes completely from the release build with a single mouse click or from the command line (absolutely NO traces left).

Requires Unity 5.2 or later

Features: - Instant error notification (never miss an unhandled exception again) - Quick logger output access with a multi touch gesture (swipe two fingers down) - User-defined actions and variables - Transparent log overlay - Tap entry to view stack trace - Crystal clear font and a nice mobile-friendly interface - Filter by text and log type - Collapse similar log items - Scroll lock - Copy-to-clipboard and e-mail options - Overflow management - Automatic updates - Completely Open Source